One of the greatest things about producing handmade goods is that we have the freedom to provide a personal touch if needed. Re-sizing, lettering and stamping leather, combining materials, changing colours, or even creating an entirely new product. There are very few limits if a customer has a specific request. So send us your ideas via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.


All of our products can be tailored to perfectly match your corporate identity. We can add your logo and your company’s colours. If your work environment demands technical adjustments to one of our products design, we can make it happen. Send us your request via the form below and we will be in touch. We look forward to working with you.

Leather apron with ODIN logo
Leather apron for woodworker



ODIN fenders can be customized to your wishes and in function of your bicycle’s needs. Perhaps you would like to combine different types of wood. Maybe you only want an ass-saver for your fixie or customized fenders for a cargo bike with two different wheel sizes. The possibilities are endless. Contact us via the form below and we can work out your project together.


The biggest obstacles when mounting fenders are the brakes and the forks. If your fenders need a narrowing to fit your frame you can use the pattern paper. Place the paper over your wheel and indicate where the fender needs to be made narrower. Then, send the paper with the indications and dimensions on it back to the ODIN office.
Fill out your address in the idea form to receive the pattern paper in the mail for free.

* For all custom work a minimum surcharge of 20 Euro applies. The delivery time for custom work is generally two weeks.