Will ODIN fenders fit my bike?

Our fenders are designed to fit most bikes. However, every bike is different and therefore we always recommend consulting with a professional bicycle repairman before ordering. When in doubt you can request the pattern paper via the ‘Bespoke’ page.

Are wooden fenders heavy?

ODIN fenders generally weigh between 150 en 250 grams. This is a bit more than plastic fenders and slightly less than stainless steel fenders.

Won’t wooden fenders rot?

ODIN fenders are coated with 3 layers of water-resistant varnish. Also, wood is a natural product with excellent qualities for outdoor use. Look at wooden boats, for example. That being said, ODIN fenders will eventually wear and need maintenance just like any other part of your bicycle. On the internet you will find many useful resources on how to care for exterior wood. Lastly we recommend parking your bicycle in a dry place when you’re not riding. This will not only benefit your fenders but the whole of your bike.

Will I look cooler on a bike that has ODIN fenders?

Oh yes.