ODIN fenders are made up of hardwood, waterproof glue and three layers of varnish. This makes them weather-resistant and durable. To retain the natural beauty of the wood no paint is used in the production process. When choosing the type of wood that will match your bike, take these rules of thumb into account:

Ash works best with dark colored bikes.
Walnut works best on light colored bikes.
Teak will work well on almost any color bike.
Wengé suits light colored and black bikes.
Padauk works well on black and white bikes. 

For custom made fenders, check out our bespoke section.

Fastening and assembly

ODIN fenders are delivered with basic mounting hardware i.e. L-bracket for the front fender and a straight bracket to secure the fender to the bottom of the seat tube. Since every bicycle has a different mounting system no fender stays are provided. For the assembly and choosing the right type of stays that will fit your bicycle consult with a professional bicycle repairman.


Wood is precious and sustainable forestry is highly important. This is why all wood used in ODIN fenders is supplied by PEFC-certified companies. Thus ensuring the wood originates from responsibly managed forests. For the production of the other ODIN products, recycled wood is used, i.e., hardwood from discarded furniture that would have ended up in a fireplace or a landfill.