ODIN offers a range of leather goods, all of which are proudly handmade in our local workshop. Every step of the process, from dyeing to cutting to stamping the leather, is done entirely by hand. As often as possible we work with full grain vegetable tanned leather. This type of leather is more durable and eco-friendly, plus the natural grain and the marks on the hide add to the unique, vintage character of our products. Expect raw, quality goods with plenty of grit that were made to last.  


At ODIN we don’t believe in pristine leather. Every hide tells the story of an animal’s life and rather than hiding its scars and wrinkles, we accentuate them whenever we can. As leather ages it develops patina and marks that are characteristic of how the product is used. So take good care of your leather goods and use them often. Leave your mark and add your own story.